A super sparkly, super refined medium sheen eyeshadow. This rose toned eyeshadow will blow your socks off!! It's silky smooth texture is filled with tonnes of gold reflecks, which glide onto the skin like a dream.


Eyeshadow Pigment - Drama Queen

  • Our highly concentrated loose pigments will revive your skin and give you that luminous and healthy glow we all desire. Our loose pigments can be applied to both face and body, lifting and accentuating your natural features. The intense loose powder pigments are rich, stay true to their colours, and adhere to the skin exceptionally creating minimal fallout. 

    Key Factors:

    - exceptional colour adhesion

    - easy to blend pigments

    -can be applied both wet and dry

    - concentrated pigments


    Sold in glass jars with engraved gold tops, 15ml jar.

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    Due to our hygiene standards, we cannot accept any refunds or exchanges on beauty and skin care products. 


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