J A S M I N E  K H A T U N  B E A U T Y

Jasmine Khatun Beauty is a firm believer that beauty is more than skin deep and that makeup helps enhance natural beauty. At Jasmine Khatun Beauty we do our best by giving individuals the confidence to overcome their flaws and insecurities they may have. 

Jasmine Khatun Beauty started with the vision of providing the ultimate quality beauty products at an exceptional value for its clientele. Since its establishment in 2016, this business has grown to offer a wide range of luxurious beauty products in the United Kingdom. It is our aspiration that our products will help makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike to further enhance their makeup skills and techniques, and also help our clients make informed decisions about what beauty products they should use on their skin. 


At Jasmine Khatun Beauty we provide our customers with the utmost in quality service, through our passionate performance and knowledge of makeup, beauty and skincare. We strive to exceed their expectations and have a shared passion for what we do, from choosing the right products that are super effective and are beautiful to use, to reviewing products, all in aid of our clients to make an informed choice of the products they choose to purchase.


Our page is dedicated to bring our clientele a wide variety of beauty and skincare related content, regular product reviews, frequent blog posts and beauty and skincare advice with the potential of becoming the hub of a thriving beauty community. In addition we will also keep our customers up to date with regular beauty and skincare offers.


For all order enquiries, please fill out the contact form and we shall get back to you within 1-2 working days.


Due to our hygiene standards, we cannot accept any returns on our beauty and skin care products. 

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